Video Music – new album release based on video

Video Music – release date June 21, 2020. A concept album. The concept for this instrumental music album is that I typically started with video ideas and then created music to fit my visions. I just guessed that most people, like I do, enjoy more to actually watch instrumental music being performed rather than just hearing it. So I made one long video of the full damn album! Seven instrumental song’s videos visually morphing into each other. It was much more fun to do it this way; with the video platform as the main concept right from square one.

More links:
–> Only listening on Spotify
–> Listening and buying downloads on BandCamp

2 thoughts on “Video Music – new album release based on video”

  1. Hi Will, and thanks for the comment. These days this web site serves mainly as a static press resource. My main YouTube channel is the place where all new projects get presented first.

  2. Am enjoying listening and watching your latest work
    I just thought about your looping work and thought I’d see what you were up to
    It’s been several years
    Peace and keep it coming
    Will Brecht
    Murfreeboro TN

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