Price List

Speech, workshop and similarly qualified service on location:
SEK 5000:- (€ 505) taxes and travel costs excluded.

Concert (solo):
SEK 7000:- (€ 900) taxes and travel costs excluded.

Mixing of a typical multi-track music piece:
SEK 3000:- (€ 303) taxes excluded.

Private lesson/consultation, one hour:
SEK 500:- (€ 50) taxes included (Swedish 25 percent “MOMS” tax).

Prices according to an agreement regarding longer commitments like composing, film scoring, courses, staff education programs and touring. Lower prices can be offered if I decide to donate part of my compensation in order to support a specifically good cause.

Church/institution concerts, locally here in Sweden, typically follow the general tariff recommended by the Musician’s Union:
SEK 2304:- (€ 235) taxes and travel costs excluded.


Solo Concerts | Film/media Music