Concerts summer/fall 2018

  • July 07: CANCELLED! Dollhouse film party in Orsa with Charlotte Riessen (electric cello + electronics, playing to the movie screen)
  • July 21: Loses visfestival. “Between space and ethno” (Chapman Stick + electronics). Instrumental concert including one spoken word collaboration with Kurt Öberg reading Olle Svensson’s “Återställelse”.
  • September 24: Skärholmens kyrka, Bodholmsplan 1, 127 48 Skärholmen, Telefon: 08-680 94 30, 13:00. Melodic Chapman Stick church concert “Mellan folkton och rymdmusik
  • October 13-31: USA 1331 tour, east coast / west coast. Experimental art festivals in Providence plus a handfull of concerts in California. Alto Traverse Flute with interactive electronics; real-time composition, live sampling, live looping, real-time Musique Concrète.

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