Hello there and welcome to my humble presentation! I am a musician and media composer.

—> Solo Concerts:

Chapman Stick instrumental solo concert
“Hands-on” live performance, melodic music with an acoustic approach and melancholic vibe. Anything from regular church concerts to plain street busking. “Emotional performance” is the key word and I do 50/50 known songs vs my own original compositions. A good reference for this melodic outlet is the Stick Street 2 album in the right side column —->

Electronic Found Sound approach
Interactive live electronics fronted by any kind of sound-source-providing instrument in “Real-time Musique Concrête”. “Fiord jazz”, “ethno-tech”, “noise”, “space”, “neo-classic”… the audience experience may vary depending on what physical instrument I happen to be playing up-front for feeding my self-designed electronic meta-instrument. This program is often requested by Live Looping Festivals and experimental events.

I may also blend these two repertoires, putting on a unique hybrid concert form to match specific events.

—> Media Music
Is about composing and producing music recordings to be licensed for use in media productions. I’m in a dozen business-to-business collaborations with labels that distribute Production Music Libraries. My library music is heard in radio, television and web productions all around the world.

Sometimes a director has asked me to record a soundtrack before or during the actual filming. This approach is exciting because the music is tailored to work together with the visual storytelling, dialog and sync sound.

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Before the act of creating music took over my full occupation I had time for other work on the side, as you can read below.

Swedish musician, composer, writer, journalist, editor and educator. A freelance worker in many fields often referred to as a Creative Generalizer or a Renaissance Man, typically good at balancing a general view at the edge of personal expression. Has toured worldwide as a musician, affiliated with both major record labels, small independent labels and as a self-promoting artist. Studio musician counting one gold selling album. Produced recorded music for CD’s, surround DVD multimedia or TV.

A popular speaker hired by music universities, private companies and private students. Trainer and consultant regarding Apple Logic, Ableton Live and assorted live looping techniques. 
Written five books in Swedish covering the music industry, the Internet and some DIY manuals for aspiring artists. Decades of experience as a regular freelance columnist and journalist at the IDG magazine Studio, Musikern and co-editor of Scandinavia’s leading guitar player magazine FUZZ. Teaching Swedish in the corporate world, as an external contractor with EF – Education First Corporate Solution.

Investigator: Written expert studies for WIPO in Geneva (The Impact Of New Electronic Devices On The Rights Of Performing Artist), the Nordic Musician Union (NMU – SAMI) and The Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs (Statens Kulturråd, Omvärldsanalys).

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  1. Hallå! Hoppas allt är bra!
    Fick upp ett klipp på Youtube där du spelar på en Chapman Stick, imponerande å häftigt måst jag säga! Ditt namn klingade lite bekant med, var du med i Boysen Band som repade i Gårda å spelade på klubben RPM ett flertal gånger? Jag själv var med i ett band som hade lokal precis under klubben RPM! Jag håller fortfarande på med musik oxå å låter så här om du vill lyssna. Mvh / Birger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfVRE8Dp97M

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