Stick Duo 2015 live video – full concert!

I was lucky to hook up with Canadian singer-songwriter-stickist Dale Ladouceur for a duo concert happening in Stockholm. Here is the full concert on video, hope you like it!

Big thanks to ExitGames Stockholm for working together with us in this exciting project.

Church Concert video filmed

Excerpt from a solo concert at Tynnered Kyrka, Sweden, on June 24 2015. First song “Gammal Fäbodspsalm” is an old traditional folk melody. Second song “Emerald” by Per Boysen is only featured here by the intro part because the camera stopped filming there…. Sorry about that, the full concert wa[……]

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Concert in Alicante, Spain, dec 11 2014

A big thanks to Ruben Medrano and Alejandro Tévar Toledo for arranging Spain’s first live looping festival – writing history!!! :-)

Per Boysen USA tour in October 2014

pboy_stick_losangelesBelow are the dates and venues of my October 2014 US west coast tour. This project would not be possible without the great help from Rick Walker, Gene Perry, the Free Hands Academy, Peterson Entertainment and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Thank you!

Oct 10, Seattle, WA: North West Loop Fest


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New CD: Beyond the Beyond and Further Beyond…

Instrumental music by Per Boysen for electric string instruments in orchestration. Big thanks to Emmett Chapman and Tim Donahue for inventing and building my magical instruments! On this solo album I’m playing the 12-stringed Chapman Stick Guitar on most pieces, quite a lot NS 5-stringed Cello, some[……]

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Make Musik Sthlm

[caption id="attachment_1637" align="alignright" width="200"]Photo: Susann Winter Photo: Susann Winter[/caption]

Make Musik Sthlm

The streets of Stockholm Södermalm (the southern city island, “SoFo”) will be cooking by outdoors live music on June 6. First time I performed at Fête de la Musique in Stockholm was 20[……]

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Henry the Seal – live version video

Performed by Per Boysen on twelve-stringed Stick Guitar and Fractal Audio AxeFx II. This is a free-form scuba live version, the main album version is different.

Art film soundtrack: Tenor Sax live looping

Pose in Ivana – Reinvention of pose from Heidi on Vimeo.

Here’s a nice film that uses music I created by playing my Tenor Sax and Mobius looper; i.e. my “meta instrument for live looping”. This approach to live looping is different than the typical “Boss looping pedal layering” technique in that i[……]

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Soundtrack to Architecture

Swedish architecture bureau ORIGO arkitekter is using a specifically remixed track from my Stick Street album to enhance this corporate video presentation.

The instrument I recorded this music with is a Chapman Stick SG-12. More on that at

Behold the “Stick Street” CD album!

The physical “Stick Street” CDs just arrived from the pressing plant. I’m mostly selling them hand to hand when out street busking, but in case someone wants a CD for his/her colledtions it can be ordered from: (packages posted from Stockholm, Sweden)
and (packages posted from Portland, OR, USA).
Digital Download sales available at the normal online web shop sites.


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