Henry the Seal – live version video

Performed by Per Boysen on twelve-stringed Stick Guitar and Fractal Audio AxeFx II. This is a free-form scuba live version, the main album version is different.

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Art film soundtrack: Tenor Sax live looping

Pose in Ivana – Reinvention of pose from Heidi on Vimeo.

Here’s a nice film that uses music I created by playing my Tenor Sax and Mobius looper; i.e. my “meta instrument for live looping”. This approach to live looping is different than the typical “Boss looping pedal layering” technique in that i[......]

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Soundtrack to Architecture

Swedish architecture bureau ORIGO arkitekter is using a specifically remixed track from my Stick Street album to enhance this corporate video presentation.

The instrument I recorded this music with is a Chapman Stick SG-12. More on that at http://stick.com/

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Behold the “Stick Street” CD album!

The physical “Stick Street” CDs just arrived from the pressing plant. I’m mostly selling them hand to hand when out street busking, but in case someone wants a CD for his/her colledtions it can be ordered from:
http://perboysen.bandcamp.com/album/stick-street (packages posted from Stockholm, Sweden)
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/perboysen5 (packages posted from Portland, OR, USA).
Digital Download sales available at the normal online web shop sites.


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Producing octaphonic surround concerts

surround_04I’d like to share my recent experiences from performing live with surround sound. The system dealt with is the diamond shaped surround field of eight full-range speakers. I will go into planning, preparation and stage setup strategies. The general approach is to create the most exciting live performance experience for the audience.[......]

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London concert, October 2012

Hello everyone,
Someone filmed at this concert and a few video clips are posted at http://www.youtube.com/perboysen

The Retro Venue, 50, Bosworth Road, London, W105EG

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Lovely Harp Guitar!

Just a quick video upload testing out my new Tim Donahue signature Electric Fretless Harp Guitar. I think it plays like a dream… in fact I have been dreaming for decades about certain aspects of what this instrument has to offer. Tim designed it and has been playing this and the fretted version since the eighties and just recently initiating manufacturing of his harp guitars. You’ll find more on that at http://www.timdonahue.com/


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Playing at North Sea Jazz 2012 and more

Finally I am allowed to tell the news that we’re booked to play at the North Sea Jazz festival on July 8. The Erdem Helvacıoğlu and Per Boysen Duo has more than an hour to perform our live extension of the album Sub City 2064. I like the format of this duo, we’re picking the best parts of precise el[......]

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Sub City 2064 – The Concert Trailer

Erdem Helvacıoğlu and Per Boysen performs Sub City 2064 live in eight channel surround audio. [......]

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Live Stick video Y2KX+1 Festival, CA, USA

A rough clip from my Oct 16 2011 concert at Santa Cruz International Live Looping Festival. Starting out with a basic sound-check I kept on improvising to make up a 9:00 minutes piece of music. SG12 Stick Guitar with Roland GR55 synth and my home-built “meta instrument” of interactive electronics. [......]

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