Concert in Italy

I’m happy to be representing Sweden at the International Live Looping festival hosted by Italy’s big music product fair The Music Wall on Sept 18th 2016. I have streamlined my live electronics meta instrument for this concert and will be fronting it with a Chapman Stick, an Alto Traverse Flute and whatever noise the mic may pick up.
Randolf Arriola, Bernhard Wagner, Fabio Anile

It feels very good being able to go and play this concert because lately I have been forced to turn down so many exciting requests for economic reasons. I used to struggle to remain an amateur musician so I would be free to lose money on travelling to play festivals that are amazingly cool but economically poor. However, today I’m a pro and forced to accept and adapt to the fact that I often make more money by simply playing out in public on my own back street. This negative side effect of professionalism does of course not include big and established festivals, like North Sea Jazz etc.

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