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New media music out for licensing

My catalog of production music is instantly accessible to media producers through the agencies that I collaborate with. The latest release is this Chapman Stick underscore album that I made for the British label Amadea. The making was lots of fun and I even got to play some steel guitar and cello! :-)

Paint Aural Masterpieces with Amadea Music Productions’ “Chapman Stick Canvas”. Unleash your inner visionary with the release of “Chapman Stick Canvas,” the newest addition to our Underscore series!

Composed by Per Boysen, this album is a captivating exploration of ambient cinematic soundscapes, crafted with the unique textures of the Chapman Stick.

Experience the swirling textures, evocative melodies, and otherworldly drones that will perfectly complement your films, documentaries, or any project seeking a truly unique and atmospheric soundscape.

“Chapman Stick Canvas” is sure to ignite your creativity and inspire your storytelling. Elevate your next project with the unconventional beauty of “Chapman Stick Canvas” today. Let the music guide your viewers on a captivating journey through the landscapes of your imagination.  / Amadea Music Production

2nd Video Album

I decided to release a second album following my Video Music concept. This means that every track on the album originally was conceptualized as a music video. With these videos I want to show how all the instruments, heard in the music, actually are played.
Myself, I enjoy it so much more to watch music being performed on the actual instruments, compared to just hearing an audio recording, and I also want others to experience this wonderful aspect of life.
Here’s one such video:

New Extended Musical Instruments that Rock

I love all kind of expressive musical instruments and have been lucky to acquire a few, many to be seen in this space-rock video.

The newest is the eight-stringed *strandberg Boden 8 electric guitar. It has a tone that feels almost alive, having strings eventually vibrating into overtones (I’ll make a separate video on this phenomenon as soon as a time window comes around). It’s also great to have access to that lowest octave for overdriven amp sounds and palm-muted percussive notes.

The Chapman Stick goes even lower though, but not with the same aggressively chugging attack. So I use the Stick for plain bass line playing in this piece.

The EWI – Electronic Wind Instrument – is loaded with a symphonic oboe patch here, but it is actually capable of covering six octaves just like the Stick and the 8-string guitar.

The electric cello plays a similar complementary role, screaming out bowed pinch notes for transition as well as dubbing a unison guitar melody. The cello is hard to play in a melodic way, but I like how the sound of it can add depth and emotion to the overall sound of a piece.

The Tim Donahue Signature Electric Fretless Harp Guitar opens the video by fading in a harp-plus-guitar note cluster. Long ago I was looking for a good fretless guitar and found out about Tim’s model with the included six-stringed harp system. I have other fretless guitars and mostly use this one for the lush harp sound. If I ever get rich I will definitely order a second one with frets on the guitar neck, so I can combine fretboard tapping with harp plucking. But for now, this is just me dreaming about harp heaven :-)

Finally, I’m also using the Sitar. It has eighteen (18!) strings where you only play on one, while the rest are hanging in for sympathetic “buzz-tone” resonance. I really enjoy making music with this palette of instruments and strongly feel that this video marks a beginning with a lot more to come.