Media music

My catalog of production music is instantly accessible for media producers. If you are a content creator you can license the music you need for a film project, video, games, or other multimedia work. However, as a hard-working composer, producer, and musician I need to stay focused at my woodshed, so please talk to my representing agencies regarding your specific music requests! Click the track’s “Buy” link in the SoundCloud playlists or the agency’s direct links at the bottom of this page. Their job is to help creators like you, and they are good.

AMG Scandinavia represents some of my work exclusively. This means they offer tracks not available elsewhere. Other agencies that I’m working with on a non-exclusive basis, meaning a specific recording may be available from several libraries, are Music Supervisor, Pond 5, Productiontrax, Moonshine TV, AudioSparx and some more. AudioSparx is a pioneer with many decades in the Library Music business and I have learned quite a few film music skills through their artist development program. Below is an outtake off my AudioSparx music library.

Solo Concerts | Film/media Music