How to sync plugins to Mobius looper in Bidule

Bidule is one of the most configurable plug-in hosts for setting up your own custom effect and live looping laptop rig. In this example we’re using the software looper Mobius. Here’s how you make all your plugins take on the tempo you create by the first loop you make:

Detailed walk-through:

1. Set Mobius to “Sync = Out” (“Configurations / Presets / Synchronization”).

2. Set Mobius to “Plugin Output Devices = IAC Driver IAC Bus 1” (“Configurations/MIDI Device Selection”. The IAC bus only applies if using OS X. If using Windows you have to download and install MIDI Yoke in order to be able to send MIDI through the system, between applications and plug-ins). 3. In Bidule, open the IAC Bus (as “MIDI Device”).

4. In Bidule, toss in a “MIDI Clock To Sync” bidule and cable it to the IAC Bus device.

5. In Bidule, right-click all tempo dependent plug-ins and chose this “MIDI Clock To Sync” bidule under “Sync To”.

I also think it’s cool to set Mobius maximal respectively minimum tempo to a BPM span I like playing in. This prevents ending up with a way to fast tempo if starting out a session by creating an extremely short first loop (for glitchy stuff) or with a boring slow tempo if starting out with a very long first loop.

Link to Mobius.
It’s a free download. On this site there is also a discussion forum, a manual and a scripting documentation.

I have posted similar walk-throughs for hosting Mobius in Mainstage and Logic at my Picture Album Area at the Mobius Forum (requires forum membership registration to keep bad spam out).

And there is more on Bidule:

I would appreciate if people post questions here or at the fora (above), rather than contacting me directly. I have no chance to help everyone individually and if I should try to do that no one else would benefit from it. So please let’s be friends at the fora, share the goodies and spread them to everyone!

3 thoughts on “How to sync plugins to Mobius looper in Bidule”

  1. Per,
    Beautiful, I knew it was possible. Your a genius and very kind thanks.
    You’re right I was pressing record for my second loop. After a little more experimentation found that Time Copy Mode = Multiply seems very good for what I want to do…

    finally getting a little grip on the depths of this program in combo with bidule.
    Got a bit of a crackly sound which I havent ironed out yet and for some strange reason GR4 isnt syncing its metronome to Mobius even though I told it too :) – along v similar lines to your diagram.

    Thank you,


  2. @Chris,
    It might be that you are using Record to create the next loop? Just a wild guess here. If doing that on the Master Track (the first track you start recording to) it will indeed change the global tempo.

    After having snagged your first loop to set the global tempo you should only use Record if you want to change the tempo or/and destructively truncate a loop’s length by going Multiply ended by Record. Mobius offers many better ways. My own choice is to use either the NextLoop command or a command to directly choose a specified loop slot number on the selected track (for example “Loop3”, “Loop5”). Since I have set preferences “Loop Copy = Timing” and “Time Copy Mode = Overdub” (set this under the Switch tab in Configuration/Presets) a new empty loop in overdub mode will be created and I can just keep playing seamlessly to lay down a bunch of alternative loops on the selected track. Like in this demo video:

  3. Hi,
    I managed to do most of the above, thanks.
    I have a question though.
    I want to start with a loop, so I record my first loop then the tempo is set.
    then when i go for a second loop i want it to have the same tempo (might be different length) I have tried and tried to no avail, mobius will just create some new tempo for my new loop.
    I also attempted approaching the other way around, defining a tempo in the midi clock to sync and getting mobius to sync to that (midi bar sync mode) however it weirdly will not record anything it just sits saying synchronisation.

    Any ideas help much appreciated.


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