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New media music out for licensing

My catalog of production music is instantly accessible to media producers through the agencies that I collaborate with. The latest release is this Chapman Stick underscore album that I made for the British label Amadea. The making was lots of fun and I even got to play some steel guitar and cello! :-)

Paint Aural Masterpieces with Amadea Music Productions’ “Chapman Stick Canvas”. Unleash your inner visionary with the release of “Chapman Stick Canvas,” the newest addition to our Underscore series!

Composed by Per Boysen, this album is a captivating exploration of ambient cinematic soundscapes, crafted with the unique textures of the Chapman Stick.

Experience the swirling textures, evocative melodies, and otherworldly drones that will perfectly complement your films, documentaries, or any project seeking a truly unique and atmospheric soundscape.

“Chapman Stick Canvas” is sure to ignite your creativity and inspire your storytelling. Elevate your next project with the unconventional beauty of “Chapman Stick Canvas” today. Let the music guide your viewers on a captivating journey through the landscapes of your imagination.  / Amadea Music Production

Art film soundtrack: Tenor Sax live looping

Pose in Ivana – Reinvention of pose from Heidi on Vimeo.

Here’s a nice film that uses music I created by playing my Tenor Sax and Mobius looper; i.e. my “meta instrument for live looping”. This approach to live looping is different than the typical “Boss looping pedal layering” technique in that it draws on the methods discovered in the fifties by the folks involved with Musique Concrete at IRCAM in Paris (as well as the San Fransisco Tape Music Centre). Everything Pierre Schaeffer could do in the fifties with tape and scissors can now be done instantly while also playing an instrument to provide the source audio to be processed. The video was shot in New York while the cut-up performing technique of this saxophone goes back to Paris; both cities often associated with the Tenor Sax.