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Concert in Italy

I’m happy to be representing Sweden at the International Live Looping festival hosted by Italy’s big music product fair The Music Wall on Sept 18th 2016. I have streamlined my live electronics meta instrument for this concert and will be fronting it with a Chapman Stick, an Alto Traverse Flute and whatever noise the mic may pick up.
Randolf Arriola, Bernhard Wagner, Fabio Anile

It feels very good being able to go and play this concert because lately I have been forced to turn down so many exciting requests for economic reasons. I used to struggle to remain an amateur musician so I would be free to lose money on travelling to play festivals that are amazingly cool but economically poor. However, today I’m a pro and forced to accept and adapt to the fact that I often make more money by simply playing out in public on my own back street. This negative side effect of professionalism does of course not include big and established festivals, like North Sea Jazz etc.



“Something has been missing in Stockholm’s progressive nightlife and I’m here to fix that! I want to start a meeting place to show the best underground scene acts that play Electronic Music live. It’s gonna be pure passion about electronic music performed on stage with great lights and big sound :-) If you love Big massive soundscapes, Tech-House, Deep House, Drum/Base/Techno:-) Come and enjoy my ride and just dance all night long…!!”

// Tech-Head.

July 3
19:00 (7 pm)

Vieille Montagne
Söder Mälarstrand kajplats 15

SEK 100:- at the door, Cash or Card.
Facebook event page


19:00 —> PER BOYSEN
Per Boysen has performed many shows around Asia, Europe and the US – both as a solo performer, in duets and with ensembles. Appearances in general public areas as well as at world famous institutions like the Swedish Norberg Festival, Présences Électronique in Paris and the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. He is also active as a media music composer, having produced recordings in several surround sound formats, mixed records for bands and creative remixing for special record label releases.

erdem_and_per_smallWith the Alto Flute and Chapman Stick in focus, Boysen performs simultaneously playing the self-designed electronic meta-instrument that allows instant found-sound cut-up, bringing the classic Musique Concrète methods into the digital era.

“Among the many festival highlights was Swedish guitarist and flute/wood-wind player Per Boysen’s Jon Hassell-like soundscapes”
(Guitar Player Magazine, USA)

20:00 —> I AWAKE
Stockholm based ambient downtempo producer Thomas Huttenlocher aka I AWAKE follows up his digital Ep release [ Birth ] with a full length album [ The Core ]iawake
Built as a journey of audio neural beauty through organic microcosms, electronic vortexes, deep, tribal beats and vast soundscapes, the album takes us on a pilgrimage of sounds, with scents of parallel lives, glimpses of the future and overlapping, coexisting dimensions.

A superfine blend of psychedelic spurs, groovy bass lines and catchy melodies composed with the collaboration of Krister Linder, Fredrik Lundberg, Tara Devi and Planet Boelex. As a film soundtrack producer, I AWAKE is one of the key figures of Ghostfriend, a Swedish underground movement of creators with a “peculiar devotion to the present and strong love for the innermost”.

For the first time in Ultimae’s history of releases, the artwork was created by famous digital artist and designer David Vineïs aka Sub88.

22:00 —> TECH-HEAD

Swedish House Music Producer . Drummer from Vasterås that moved to Stockholm 10 years ago. Into all kinds of music style’s; House, Deep House, Pop. Have released several trax on labels like: Waako, Blast records, PR Underground,Stockholm records

Teach-Head will be wrapping up this triple acts night with aggressive dance music, all performed live on stage.


Per Boysen USA tour in October 2014

pboy_stick_losangelesBelow are the dates and venues of my October 2014 US west coast tour. This project would not be possible without the great help from Rick Walker, Gene Perry, the Free Hands Academy, Peterson Entertainment and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Thank you!

Oct 10, Seattle, WA: North West Loop Fest

The Royal Room,
5000 Rainier Ave.
6pm – 10pm.

Oct 11, Portland, OR: North West Loop Fest

The Analog Cafe & Theatre,
720 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Oct 12, Ashland, OR: North West Loop Fest

Club 66,
1951 Ashland St.
+1 541-450-2656.

For more information on the above mentioned festivals, please go to


Oct 15, San Jose, CA

BEST of Y2K14 International Live Looping Festival
366 South1^st Street

Oct 15-20, Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco:
YK2 International Live Looping Festival.

For day’s program, several venues in Santa Cruz.
Founder Rick Walker says:

Now in it’s 14th year, the Y2K14 International Live Looping Festivals have expanded to 21 cities in 11 countries worldwide. It is a very creative and eclectic festival that celebrates the musicians who love to create and manipulate loops, live, in front of an audience. There is no style or genre associated with the movement, just the love augmenting musical performance with digital and analogue looping techniques.The main festival is in Santa Cruz, California for 3 days in the 3rd weekend of October every year. This years’ festival will be from October 15th – 20th in San Jose, San Francisco and Santa Cruz/Watsonville

To read more about this festival, please go to


Oct 22, Los Angeles, Long Beach, CA: SoCal Loop Fest

5202 E Pacific Coast Hwy.

For more information on SoCal Loop Fest please go to


Oct 24, Los Angeles: Per Fest

Guitar Merchant
7503 Topanga Canyon Boulevard
Canoga Park
California 91303
7pm – 11pm
A bunch of Stick players will play solo pieces in a round-robin manner.Do not expect one single dull moment!!! :-) A Stick Night initiated by Gene Perry of the Free Hands Academy.

On stage:
Emmett Chapman, Kevin Keith, Don Schiff, Gary Jiblian, Michael Johnstone, String Planet (featuring Larry Tuttle and Novi Novog), Mike Kollowitz, Gene Perry, Per Boysen.

Photo: Gene Perry

Photo: Gene Perry
Photo: Gene Perry

New CD: Beyond the Beyond and Further Beyond…

Instrumental music by Per Boysen for electric string instruments in orchestration. Big thanks to Emmett Chapman and Tim Donahue for inventing and building my magical instruments! On this solo album I’m playing the 12-stringed Chapman Stick Guitar on most pieces, quite a lot NS 5-stringed Cello, some Steel Guitar and Fretless Harp Guitar. For the sparse strings orchestra sweetening I want to thank the guys behind and LA Scoring Strings for providing the best tools of the trade.
CDs available at Stick Enterprises, BandCamp, CD Baby and some other places.

Downloadable digital formats available at BandCamp, CD Baby and iTunes.


This album is a solo project and I’d like to give credits to all the wonderful electric string instruments I am lucky to be working with:

1) The Twelve Stringed Stick Guitar, SG-12.
The 36″ scaled Stick has been around since the early seventies and often used for bass parts on records (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson…). But this little 26,5″ scaled two-handed fretboard tapping instrument offers a rather different tone. My gratitude reaches out to Emmett Chapman for inventing the Stick in the sixties and for putting down the hard labor to develop and manufacture it all since 1974. Check out Stick Enterprises at

2) Electric Cello, NS – Ned Steinberger.
celloThis low price cello model was designed by Ned Steinberger, that used to make guitars before. It doesn’t use electro magnetic pickups, like the Stick and electric guitars do, but some other construction that offers the player to flip a switch to optimise the tone pickup for bowing vs finger plucking. I use both ways of playing in these recordings. My NS cello is the five-stringed model.

3) Fretless Harp Guitar.
pboy_tdhgThis is a wonderful music tool! A fretless ebony board neck with six strings and also six freely twanging harp strings. Both 6-strings groups have EMG electro magnetic pickups and may drive two different amplification rigs, if you like it that way. The harp side does in fact have one “fret”; if moving away your left hand from the fretless neck you can push down any harp strings towards the fret to raise the pitch by a half note. What makes this harp guitar different from traditional harp guitars is that the harp- and neck string groups are tuned in the same octave (traditionally harp guitar’s harp strings are bass strings). Doubling notes for a unison sound or plucking close clusters are techniques I love also on the Stick Guitar.

The man that brought this lovely instrument to the planet is Tim Donahue. He built his first prototypes in the early eighties and still plays the TDHG better than anyone! Tim lives in Japan where he leads manufacturing of these guitars.

4) Steel Guitar.
dusenMine is the Dusenberg Fairytale lap steel model that has two levers that will let you soar into those classical country licks without having to deal with the monstrous pedal steel guitar machinery. I use a heavy steel on the strings which initially felt a bit awkward compared to the feather light glass-slide-on-finger treatment I’m used to give my vintage style Stratocaster.

5) Electric Guitar.
Not much to say about this one, I guess. My oldest premier instrument now used on only one track out of this album. I still love guitar but use it quite rarely these days. You know, sometimes it just sounds so… guitar-ish.

6) Fractal Audio AxeFx II.
This is the very catalyst that unleashes the magic! If you have ever loved the sound of driven tube amps and dusty speaker cabinets this digital modelling device is loaded with the classic models and some new. fractalIt also offers great classic effects and best of all: it will let you patch up different components into a combined amp-cab-effects rig system and develop your own custom patches for instant control of live electronics. Took me about a year of intensive use to get into all of its virtues. Can’t hail this box enough, it is almost too good to be true. What a sound! What a great vibe to play through it! It not just makes all my electric instruments sound good, this amp also maximises the dynamic feel in physically playing string instruments. I’d say that the experience of playing through the AxeFx is that you suddenly gain access to a much wider spectrum for expression! Small moves on the strings makes a bigger difference sonically.